The face behind House of Raadhya 

Intro :

Hi Myself Ranjitha, home maker and a mom to 3 beautiful daughters.. worked in IT as software engineer for 5 years, then quit after my 2nd child, and was happily looking after my family and kids..

 But lately started feeling low since after studying so hard to pursue my education and being university rank holder,that I was not able to do any kind of earnings and asking my husband for my expenses everytime made me feel guilty.

Financially we have no problem as my husband is earning very well as he is running his own software firm since 20 years and earning quite well with 100+ staff working for us.... but I was not interested in software right from beginning, and my passion was always into fashion designing and my knowledge for fabrics was good too...

When I started to think deep down I realised that I have a great passion for sarees too and love collecting them( have many sarees which I am still yet to wear), so I always wanted to collect exclusive handpicked sarees from all over India and showcase them, so then I came up with this idea of starting my own small set up of business called House Of Raadhya.

But not everyone in house is supporting me doing this, they say, especially inlaws “ when your husband is only earning in crores why u want to do this small business “ , why society don’t understand a women’s feelings, I want to create my own identity and I want to be financially independent.... let it be 2000Rs that I earn, the kind of joy I experience is awesome....but my friends are supporting me and getting me good leads and I am great full to them

Hope you guys here too support me and wish me good luck